>> organ's log 2023

General - Log 7

posted on 06/11/2023

Thinking about this Tumblr account that posts random photos of female chess players and I always think about this one because hello???

Polish chess player Marta Bartel

This is such a killer outfit and she looks amazing!!

General - Log 6

posted on 05/10/2023

Small life update

I've been trying to get more involved with volunteering lately. Im currently in a youth committie and working at a chairty shop on Saturdays (which I should really leave because i cant really function with just one day to fully rest) and am trying to get another job at the library! I'm personally a huge fan of volunteering not like creating huge projects or anything but just, y'know--helping. It makes me feel more grounded and helps me realise that the people around me aknowledge my actions, it also means i dont spend weeks inside my bedroom, it's a win-win situation.

A few other things have happened as well but they're not as important, here they are:

  • I checked out a new book from the library I manged to read up to page 100 yesterday which is a world record for me considering how easily distracted I get.
  • Helped with a free sausage sizzle, not really I just set it up and didn't do a whole lot T_T at least people came in.
  • Rewatched Steven Universe including the movie and future serise, its such a sweet show and the discource about it was so disaportionate to it's actual crimes.
  • My phone broke, which is kinda good cause I can catch up on more things without getting distracted by it.
  • Got to give out my own pins at a stall (it was a school event, i would eat myself alive before id make people pay for my stuff), people were very kind about my work :]

I don't remember what else I did but this is what stuck out to me and I should be updating my site regularly again. I was scared about my laptop dying on me hence the 2 month hiatus :']

Thank you for reading, goodbye!!

General - Log 5

posted on 11/07/2023

Hello everyone!
Sorry for not updating in a while, I didn't have a single thing to write about since my last log. But I do have some new news which is that im in the process of teaching myself JavaScript! So I won't be making any new changes for a while, I'll just be adding new artwork, logs, and media to my archive for now.

I've been wanting to learn more about web development for a while and I'm gonna graduate in pretty soon in the future so I really need to learn stuff like this alongside PHP, SQL, ect. If I ever want to get a job in tech. I might be over-preparing but it's better than going into a web development course knowing fuck all. Also, I just want to make more dynamic webpages!

I'll always be a static webpage girlie simply because of how much more control I have over it though.

ps. I learned that the guy who made JavaScript was CEO of Firefox for a total of 11 days before getting chased out of there because he was homophobic lol

General - Log 4

posted on 17/06/2023

Another thing I want to save. I found this on Tumblr last year, it was a screenshot of the intro from Kaneoya Sachiko's art book. Since then I've found that the intro was much bigger than I thought but Im too lazy to get it on here plus this one was in already in my folders.

it is the space between a rolled up shirt sleeve of a salaryman and his wrist watch...the flash of ankle that shows when a man seated on the train or something casually crosses his legs and the cuff of his slacks rides up above his socks... you may only see a little..you watch during those casual movements, seeking the territory of those few inches of skin that you cannot escape thinking of...

- The Art of Kaneoya Sachiko

General - Log 3

posted on 16/06/2023

This one paragraph in On the Outs means a lot to me, I would like to save this section on here.

Ugly girls are only seen by other ugly girls. Here they are, dragging their heavy luggage up a flight of stairs as a sea of men pass by, without even thinking to stop and help. Here they are, sitting in bars trying to hide their despair behind their book. Their ugliness can be an objective beauty, flashing eyes and strong noses and swanny necks. But if it's not subjective, if the desired gender doesn't respond, if the parents don't respond to it, if it's complicated and grown-into, if it doesn't attract, then it settles on the girl like ugliness. Christine Chubbuck was striking. But I can't tell if I can see that only because I'm a fellow ugly girl, of the long untouched variety, the men will call me their kindred souls and then marry someone prettier and softer variety. Because in her posture and manner is the weight of the undesired.

On the Outs - By Jessa Crispin

General - Log 2

posted on 12/06/2023

Small life update

A few things happened in the past few weeks. I saw Spiderman: Across the Spider-verse 2 days ago and I loved it! The detail and care put into it is amazing, the animation was unmatched and the character growth was so good. Spot is such a great villian and Miguel is very cool antagonist (actually, he's kind of loser but it's ok I accept him).

Relating to the Spiderverse I'm starting to think about getting a part-time job since there's several things I want to replace or buy. For example: I want a mini dvd player for when Across the Spider-verse comes out on Blu-ray. My only problem is how unappealing getting a job is when you're in school, I would really rather work a 6 hour shift on a weekday with no school but I should do volenteering before getting a job anyway.

Also, my blue joycons started experiencing like really bad drifting which means I have to replace them, my friend told me I missed Big Run because of it too...at least they had a long life-span of 3 years ヾ(^-^)ノ

Thank you for reading! I'll try my best to update my log more ٩(*•͈ ꇴ •͈*)و ̑̑❀

My Minecraft World - Log 4

posted on 30/05/2023

I'm having a day long headache and my memory is fuzzy, im sorry if this is all over the place

I've done a lot of things since my last log. My mine building had it's wooden planks removed and replaced with stone, a second story was added it has white concrete walls with full glass windows which shows the view of some of my base. My home is having it's second story redesigned and I also added a new carrot garden near the edge of the river. Last of all, I'm nearly done with my multi-coloured glass tower which will be filled with bees and parrots and greenery one day!

A wooden house with glass windows that cover the right side wall in Minecraft,

The process

Way before I did all of this I fixed my coal shortage and began exploring a few more areas, I eventually found another spruce forest west of my base. I even found a village half way through some of these which ment I had access to carrots, potatoes and betroots...the villagers were cool, I guess (the cats were super cute). For the glass tower I went and collected at least 5+ stacks of sand and went ham on smelting them, I used some for other purposes though like for concrete since I had a lot of gravel lying around. After that I started working on making dyes, since im on peaceful and therefore can't kill skeletons for bones I realised that I needed farms more than I thought or i'd have no bonemeal otherwise, which lead to me making a carrot garden. When they finish growning I'll expand it to cover the coast.

A small carrot field in Minecraft.

The glass tower

I get lost easily, I want something that I can use to easily identify that im close to my base without it being ugly, hence why im using a bunch of warm colours for it! It's inspired by Dawn--GeminiTay's empire in Empires SMP, she's one of my fav Minecraft youtubers so I really hope it comes out well.

A tiny kicthen with a white concrete wall behind it


Screenshots of my base and stuff on my travels

A dark oak forest on-top of hills, it's cut up a river running through it A deepslate path, there's buildings on the side and it's raining A stone building textured with different blocks A wooden house in Minecraft, there's a glass tower on it's second floor

My Minecraft World - Log 3

posted on 25/05/2023

I made a lotta progress today! Main things I did was make a building for my main mine and collected a bunch of materials! I have like, 5 stacks of deepslate now (heart). About the mining stuff, I had a coal shortage and tried desperately to find coal but it was hard because I had to strip mine. Luckly, I had the most godly coal vein in my entire life I got at least 30+ coal from it. But I used it all up to smelt my cooper, iron, and gold so I'm back to square one haha.

I don't wanna branch out of where I set up my mining building but I think I might have to one day because all it does is give meverything but coal. At least I found 4 diamonds in one spot.

General - Log 1

posted on 24/05/2023

update about findings on the web and Splatoon

Sheena Ringo's album Sunny is very good and has been a favorite of mine since around the beginning of 2023. My favorite songs are Manipulate the Time and Cruzar A Linha Do Equador. Related to listening to music, I've been trying to broaden my music taste, fav founds have been 心臓 / TOOBOE and Take medicine and go to sleep. I'm glad that I forced myself to step out of my comfort zone, I was gonna die of boredom from relistening to the same 5 songs for 3 months lol.

I also got really obssessed with Needy Streamer Overload after watching two playthroughs (one a blind and the other one covering every route). I'll try to write an analysis for it one day. Anyway, Ame is so real, love the the ost 10/10.

Splatoon! I finally caved in and started using motion controls, I really wanted to practice using them today and it just clicked after an hour or two, I love them. Still, disabling the vertical axis is such a big L but anyway I think I'll be much better at playing ranked this way. Maybe not top level since I play handheld but who knows? Maybe I can get to S-ranked with sheer willpower.

My Minecraft World - Log 2

posted on 24/05/2023

I have located the dark oak forest! It was east(?) of my house, for now im gonna give every path a very simple bridge so getting there is easier. I have the jungle, mangroove and desert next on my list--every other biome is secondary except the cherry biome when that's added.

I didn't really do a lot today other than that, I did upgrade my small wheat field next to my house and covered it with glass and some more banners. I also mined, it was a good haul! Lots of cooper, a stack of iron, and a little bit of gold and coal. I found deepslate which is very useful, I'll be mining lots of it later!

A small wheat field in Minecraft.

I forget to take screenshots while playing so I took some today, it looked a bit different beforehand

I'm not sure what I should do next other than find a good spot for my huge garden idea. I'll think a bit more before I start anything big for now.

Thank you for reading :]

updated 26/05/2023

My Minecraft World - Log 1

posted on 23/05/2023

A few days ago I made a new Minecraft world after seeing the HoloID sever, it's really beautiful--I'd recommend that everyone should see some tours of it on youtube!
Anyway back to my world, I copied the name from my old one which was "cherries ^0^" I removed the emoticon and the world. It was time that I commited myself to making a beautiful world for real this time.

World is set to peaceful and I have keep inventory on, I use easy mode to sometimes get resources for crafting recipies (eg. loom)

The start

I spawned in a very dense oak forest with some birch trees next to a dark oak one, It was a really nice place where I wanted to get resources but by the time I got to where I wanted to set up my base I forgot. The house I set up was 3x3, it had a path which spanned across multiple directions so I don't get myself lost and there was a small wheat field next to the river. Next thing I did was set up a small sheep pen but they kept disappearing, I have now figured out that mobs can use the carpet to get in the pen! Which now explains everything since my house is in a very wolf populated area. Overall, I think I did a pretty good job.


I went on a small mining trip, what I got was a bunch of iron and I also mined a gold ore with a stone pickaxe for fun (I genuinely forgot I couldn't mine it with that). I want iron for lanterns and tools, I have 20 left so I think im managing.
I expanded my house, I added a tiny hall, room, a balcony with a tiny garden underneath, and a second story with a kitchen.

A wooden two-story house made in Minecraft.

I added a few more details before taking a screenshot, I talk about the details in log 2

Other Small Things

I got a bee for my garden and I found a spruce forest near my base! I'm also planning to start my farm field project soon.

A Minecraft bee.

so cute

updated 26/05/2023

First Post

posted on 19/05/2023

This is now up...I will post some stuff later but im way too tired to do it now, expect something up around tomorrow

edit: I finally added a new log :> yay