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This is very new so there won't be a lot on here for a while! I'll stick to posting to 1-2 articles a week just cause :)

Artists: Mifuu Oda


Mifuu Oda, born in 1997 and graduated from Osaka University of the Arts, Department of Art Planning is a young artist whose known for her use of impasto to create soft pastel paintings on the symbolic image of what a girl is. Her use of colour and impressive painting technique has manged to capture my heart and I wish to share how magical her art is with you.

A pastel impasto painting

Mifuu Oda - Take me with you, 2021

Mifuu Oda is an artist I discovered around last year when browsing Tumblr, her peices caught my attention and I quickly became a fan! I never seen anyone make paintings like that before in my entire life and I mean that literally. Her peices are just unforgettable and the fact that she's not as popular as she should be overseas is quite frankly--a crime.

Her artwork has a childlike wonder to it, the thick strokes of paint and pastel clouds remind me of what a young girl would want in her bedroom. It's scattered but coherent the colours swirl into place blending into each other, creating a refined image of girlhood.
If I ever make an impasto peice it's entirely because of her she's amazing and I'll forever be jelous of the amount of skill she has



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I haven't be able to make any digital peices lately so I can't make any posts about my art process (unless I find a scanner to use of course). So my next post will defenitly be about one of my favourite artists! I will try to put as much effort as I can into it :)